With more than 20 years of establishment and development of American standard education in Vietnam, APU American International Schools and the American University in Vietnam AUV (members of APU Education Development Group) are constantly investing in developing facilities and building the most optimal learning programs, creating the perfect educational environment for all students to confidently enter prestigious universities in the US as well as around the world. In particular, recently, APU Group has just inaugurated the multi-purpose gymnasium Eagle Arena, a beautiful highlight within the international standard education complex right in Da Nang.




Inspired by the nests of eagles, Eagle Arena has a wide dome structure and serves as a hosting location for a lot of major events, marking and witnessing the milestones during the growing up journey of APU-ers. The dome structure helps Eagle Arena make the most of the space and provides better drainage as well as heat dissipation, providing a cool and comfortable atmosphere for all.



With a capacity of up to 5,000 seats, a spacious airy atmosphere that takes advantage of natural light, modern sports facilities and fully equipped changing rooms, Eagle Arena is one of the most modern and spacious gymnasiums, the perfect place for APU-ers to practice sports as well as a place to witness their growth.



Following increasing achievements in recent years such as recognized and accredited by Cognia, an impressive numbers of valuable scholarships (more than 25 million USD for Class of 2022), a member of World schools system, International School of the year 2021 by the SiliconIndia, the Most Trusted Boarding Schools in 2021 by the Knowledge Review, etc., the multi-purpose gymnasium Eagle Arena once again reaffirmed the prestige of APU American International Schools and American University in Vietnam AUV, providing students with an international quality education right in Vietnam.



AUV - The American University in Vietnam



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