Recently, American University in Vietnam - AUV welcomed Dr. Chandra Agrawal (Chancellor, UMKC), Dr. Jennifer Lundgren (Provost, UMKC), and Dr. Kevin Truman (Vice Provost and Dean of Science and Engineering School) from the University of Missouri City - Kansas (UMKC) for the annual visit. 

The University of Missouri Kansas City is a prestigious university in the United States, with more than 50 undergraduate programs and 80 graduate/vocational training programs that have been recognized for the quality of their courses of study. The school's outstanding fields of study include Arts and Sciences, Education, Nursing, Business and Public Administration, Medicine, Law, Computers and Engineering, Biological Sciences, Institute of Music and Dance, Dentistry, and Pharmacist. Notably, Innovation Management is among the top advanced programs in the world.

UMKC has long been an academic partner of APU and AUV in the areas of training, student and lecturer exchange, scientific research, and so on. This visit strengthens both schools' collaboration and promotes shared commitment to providing APU and AUV students with an excellent American-standard educational environment, and bright academic journeys at America's most prestigious universities.