How to apply

While entrance to the university is selective, applying is easy by following the four steps below

AUV Schedule

At AUV classes begin every seven weeks.   New Student orientation for fall is September 2, 3 with classes starting September 5th

The 2nd fall module begins October 31 and runs until December 16.

Spring schedule is January 2 - March 3 (Module 1) w 1/23 - 2/6 TET break)

Second spring module is March 13 - April 30

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While students have many international education opportunities, everyone agrees that American education is the “Gold standard”.

Such quality is a major investment for any family - quality private universities in the US often exceed 50,000 dollars (1.2 billion dong per year). And with challenges of language, preparation and distance, many international students in the US take 5 years to complete their degree.

At AUV, motivated student could complete their degree in 3 to 3 1/2 years, saving time and money.

At AUV, all new, qualified students receive a generous scholarship in year one - making AUV an affordable quality university - close to home.


AUV provides generous, merit-based scholarships to all its inaugural year students.

  • Founder scholarships - 100% tuition
  • Presidential scholarships - 50% tuition
  • Merit scholarships - 30% tuition